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Witchy Wednesday - Pelargonium

Witchy Wednesday - Pelargonium Pelargoniums are a species of plants closely related to Geraniums, with over 200+ varieties in the family. They are often small bedded or house plants and are evergreen and native to Africa. They sprout a five petalled flower and the leaves alternate along the stalk. They look very similar to geraniums however whereas geraniums are symmetrical the Pelargonium has two upper petals which are laid differently. The word Pelargonium comes from the Greek pelargos meaning stork, because the seed pod is said to look like a stork's bill. Pelargoniums rank as one of the highest number of potted flowering plants sold and also in terms of wholesale value. You can combine cornstarch, arrowroot powder and baking soda and layer this with scented geranium leaves of your choice to make a great scented body powder. It is used internally for debility, gastroenteritis, and hemorrhage and externally for skin complaints, injuries, and neuralgia and throat infections. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy. Also try steeping scented geranium leaves in wine, lining the bottom of the baking pan with leaves of your preferred scent, or added to cider or tea, blended into butters. Be sure to remove the leaves before eating. Magickally Pelargoniums can be used in any spells related to happiness, prosperity and fertility, especially talismans and sympathetic magic. Also, health. protection and love. Wear the flowers or add them to love sachets. The white variety is worn to promote fertility, while the red are a good protection and aid healing. Rub into white candles to help make a serious decision about whether to stay or leave a relationship.

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