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Witchy Wednesday - Anise

Witchy Wednesday - Anise Anise or aniseed is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. It grows to around 3 feet and has light feathery leaves until the bottom where it has thick lobed leaves, it has the scent of licorice. The name "anise" is derived via Old French from the Latin word, anisum, or Greek, anison, referring to dill. Anise is one of the oldest known plants that were grown for both culinary and medicinal use. It was an important in 2nd century BC Egypt where it was grown for food and medicine and as an ingredient in liquor. In 1305, King Edward I declared anise a taxable drug and the revenue earned through its import helped repair damages to the London Bridge. The Native Americans called anise “Tut-te See-hua”, which means, “It expels the wind” Builders of steam locomotives in Britain incorporated capsules of aniseed oil into white metal plain bearings, so the distinctive smell would give warning in case of overheating. Anise can be made into a liquid scent and is used for both drag hunting and fishing. It is put on fishing lures to attract fish. According to Pliny the Elder, anise was used as a cure for sleeplessness, chewed with alexanders and a little honey in the morning to freshen the breath, and, when mixed with wine, as a remedy for asp bites. Magickally Hang an anise seed head from your bedpost to restore lost youth. Use anise in dream pillows to keep away nightmares and ensure a good night’s sleep. Fresh anise leaves or anise seeds used in a pot pourri will protect a room from evil spirits and intentions. It can be used in holy waters for blessing and exorcisms. Anise seeds carried in a sachet will ward off the evil eye. Anise aids in divination and may be added to a ritual bath and/or burned while meditating or divining. Others diagnose Healing through Dreams. Therefore, folks place a dish of star anise on their altar and burn star anise mixed with Psychic Vision Incense to see Winning Numbers or their Future Mate, or to Foretell the Future. 

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