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Witchy Wednesdays - Marjoram

Witchy Wednesdays - Marjoram Marjoram is a perrenial herb of the same family as Oregano. It is low growing only reaching maximum heights of around 20 inches and has fuzzy greeny grey leaves which grow alternate along the stem. It is native to the middle east and as it is a culinary herb is often used in cooking. Marjoram is a popular culinary herb in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. It has a woody fragrance and a sweet flavour that is good in salads. The ancient Greeks used this as a natural treatment for many ailments. They believed it helped heal from poison, convulsions and oedema. Many people believed that if marjoram grew on your grave you would have happiness in heaven. Today, many still consider it to be good luck and happiness to have marjoram growing by your grave. It was also used in the 1500s to give chambers a pleasant smell, as well as a perfume used in bath mixtures. Inhaling the fragrance of marjoram can help break up congestion. The fragrance is also calming and can help the restless cold sufferer get some sleep Magickally for general protection of the home and family, place a marjoram leaf in the four outer corners of your home or use it in a floor wash. This protects against family and marital strife as well as general bad luck. You can also add it to family meals to protect the diners from discord among one another. It has the powers to help with protection, love, happiness, money, and health. It has masculine energy and is associated with the element of Air. It is also connected to the planet of Mercury. If you wish to get help aligning your Chakras then simply burn some Marjoram during meditation. It can also be added to any spell workings to enhance them. To attract a spouse worth dreaming about, place a sprig of marjoram in the centre of each room.

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