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Freyja’s Fridays - Daily Life

Freyja’s Fridays - Daily Life They were an incredibly clean people for that period of history, bathing regularly and by regularly I mean once a week on a Saturday which they called Laugrdagr, they even made their own soap which can still be made today. They would take conkers and steep them in alcohol for about a fortnight, they would strain the mixture through a cloth and the pulp remaining is Viking soap. What we also know from Viking burials is they had a lot of grooming implements. We literally find hundreds of combs, razors and tweezers inside the graves of Vikings. We also know they used to dye their hair blonde as blonde was a highly sort after colour due to the goddess Sif having blonde hair and commonly made from the ashes of a fire and rainwater. They wore Tunics , made from wool, linen or animal skins. They would also wear trousers of a similar material and leather and fur shoes. The women would wear a linen dress with a leather or linen apron over it fastened by a leather belt. They would also have a pretty good diet. With them being farmers and fisherman they had ample supply of meat such as Griss (Pork), Kyr (Beef) and Hafr (Goat) along with Fiskr (Fish). They would also have Vegetables and Fruit such as Epli (Apples) and Sipul (Onions) and with the crops we also get Braudr (Bread). Finally to quench there mighty thirsts they had three main drinks, Vatr (Water), Bjorr (Beer) and Mjod (Mead) which is a kind of honeyed wine. They would eat twice a day the first just after rising so around 6-7 am and was called Dagmal (Day meal) and the second was around 8-9 pm and was called Nattmal (Night meal).

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