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Magick Mondays - Protection Rituals I Use

Magick Mondays - Protection Rituals I Use 5 Calling the Landveittr A ritual I recently came across is an Icelandic ritual called Call to the Landvaettir, after practicing it a few times I found it to be a really useful protective ritual you can use before conducting any other magickal ritual. Like the Hammer rite it hallows the area and similar to that of the pagan ritual of 'evoking the elements' it bolsters the magick performed within it. The protection this time however comes from four landwights or Landvaettir. 4 Evoking the Elements Evoking the elements is a way to empower the ritual you are about to do and add protection to any ritual or workings you are about to perform, similar to that of the abilities of Casting a circle, but this time using the elements powers of protection. 3 Three Cloaks The three cloaks is a basic protection spell used to defend against magickal and spiritual attacks. Even though it is an easy ritual, it can be a massive energy drain, when being used and so must be stopped once finished with. 2 Casting the Circle One of the most basic forms of protective Magick is the magick circle, it is used to protect against spiritual and magickal attacks whilst performing rituals and to contain any energies summoned or made whilst performing your magick. It also is used to create a small ‘rift between worlds’ if you are contacting or evoking entities. Circles have been present throughout history, originally thought to be taken from ceremonial magick, it has since been discovered that it was used heavily in folk magick and even in Ancient Mesopotamia thousands of years earlier. The actual shape of a circle appears in all forms of magick. It represents eternity,unity and the never ending life. A circle with an equal armed cross also stands for the sun and the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 1 Hammer Rite The hammer rite is an old norse protection ritual, similar to a wiccan casting circle. It is used to protect a small area or a person or group from spiritual or magickal attacks, whilst doing other magick works. It is a none mobile form of protection and so once used should be closed down. It also requires no tools to cast, although a ritual Mjolnir, an actual hammer not a pendant can be used.

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