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Freyja’s Fridays - Forseti

Freyja’s Fridays - Forseti God of Justice Animals- Hawks Colours- Red, Purple and Gold Runes- Raido “All that come to him with such quarrels as arise out of law-suits, all these return thence reconciled. That is the best seat of judgement among gods and men.”-Prose Edda Little is known of Forseti what is known is that Forseti is the son of Baldr and Nanna, He is the god of justice that presides over all disputes in the role of judge. His name means “Presiding one.” He carries with him a golden axe, which also stands as his symbol. His hall is called Glitnir or “ The Glittering Hall,” the seat of justice amongst the gods. It bore a silver roof and pillars of gold, which caught the light and made the hall shine. “A hall is called Glitnir, with gold 't is pillared,And with silver thatched the same, There Forseti bides the full day through, And puts to sleep all suits.”- Prose Edda

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