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Witchy Wednesday - Ritual Tools I use

Witchy Wednesday - Ritual Tools I use 5 Athame This Athame was purchased a while back from Boscastle, Cornwall, Out of a shelf of around 15 different ones this one drew my attention and I consider this the athame calling out to me. It is made entirely from metal, including the handle and I love its crude simple look. I use it in many different rituals from the simple to the ceremonial as a way of directing and manipulating energy, most often I use it when casting a circle. I also regularly charge this athame, as I use it quite a lot. 4 Horn A traditional drinking horn, which I use in place of a chalice or goblet, when performing norse rituals. I forget the exact place I got this horn but it has been used many times in my rituals. I often use it when making offerings to the Norse gods or Land wights. 3 Spirit Board A classic, This was bought in Tintagel, Cornwall, in a small Occult shop. I love this board and I have used it many times, just to sit and talk to entities and spirits around me. Spirit boards have a very bad reputation, but I have never had any bad experiences, not like in the movies or stories anyway. I consider these quite a useful tool in terms of communication and a type of divination of that like scrying or automatic writing. 2 Runes My go to divination tool, perfect to carry around and one of my most used items., these runes came from the same place as my spirit board and scrying mirror, and are made from Apple wood. I have done many rune readings for people and feel I have a connection with this particular set. They have a little canvas bag with them, but I Love to store them in this unique little box that they were displayed in it just feels right. I use these at least 3 times a week. 1 Scrying Mirror My Scrying mirror, again coming from Tintagel, Cornwall along with my runes and my spirit board. I have had much success with this mirror, more so than with my other two, and have regularly used this to converse with many entities. As I develop my scrying skills the more and more I am drawn to using this mirror and when used as a divination tool, I am more often than not, not disappointed with the outcome. Again it is something I use at least 3 or 4 times a week.

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