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Witchy Wednesdays - Myrrh

Witchy Wednesdays - Myrrh Myrrh is a natural gum or resin extracted from a number of small, thorny tree species of the genus Commiphora. Myrrh gum is commonly harvested from the species Commiphora myrrha. Commiphora myrrha is native to Somalia, Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, (Somali Region) of Ethiopia and parts of Saudi Arabia. Myrrh gum is commonly claimed to remedy indigestion, ulcers, colds, cough, asthma, lung congestion, arthritis pain, and cancer.Myrrh is used as an antiseptic in mouthwashes, gargles, and toothpastes. It is also used in some liniments and healing salves that may be applied to abrasions and other minor skin ailments. Myrrh has been used as an analgesic for toothaches and can be used in liniment for bruises, aches, and sprains. In manufacturing, myrrh is used as a fragrance, in incense, and as a fixative in cosmetics. It is also used in embalming. In magick Myrrh increases the power of any incense to which it is added~ Myrrh is also included in healing incenses and sachets, and its smoke is used to consecrate, purify and bless objects such as amulets, talismans, charms, and magical tools. It is used to heal personal sorrow and to connect with the dead and the Underworld. The Greek Magical Papyri contain an attraction spell using Myrrh. The name of the beloved is chanted over burning Myrrh in order to compel her to be inflamed with love. It can be Burned for Banishing Negativity and Evil, Consecration of Ritual tools and Crystals, Higher Self Awakening Witch crafted with Moon Magick and Charged with Healing Sound waves from Brass Singing bowls to enhance the properties of your Resin.

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